Kooii are a band pushing boundaries in contemporary Australian music. Their compelling fusion of afrobeat, reggae and world rhythms, have earned them a glowing reputation, both on record and on stage. Their music brings together soulful vocals, three-part harmony and a deeply- set rhythm section in an ageless and familiar sound that echoes through city and country.

2012 was a year of exciting growth for the group which included performances at the Byron Bay Blues Festival and the Woodford Folk Festival, opening for Seun Kuti’s Brisbane show, a collaborative show with Ethiopian pianist, Samuel Yirga, and the release of their ‘Call Out’ Ep, which follows on from their two previous albums. Kooii returned to touring and recording in mid-2013 making a start on their 3rd album. They are looking to tour abroad in 2014 and take their music to various cultures around the world as well as continuing to grow their grassroots following with communities in their home country.

Over the last ten years, they have toured extensively throughout the Australia and New Zealand, gathering a devoted following along the way. Other festivals they have played include, Island Vibe, Reggaetown, the Kuranda Roots Festival and the Parihaka Festival (NZ).

The group’s lead-singer and trumpet player, Peter Hunt, seeds the majority of their songs influencing their distinct feeling and message. Cultivating these as well as group-compositions is the group’s core members all of which are highly expressive and skilled musos well traveled through many musical lands where they have collected the parts for their art. They are Dom Hede (drums), Tom Hinchliffe (bass), Lachlan Mitchell (guitar) and Conan Griffiths (guitar). Individual creativity shines strong while a unity between them serves the creation of music that moves on many levels.

On stage, Kooii deliver a dynamic live show made for dancing, delving from the hypnotic depths of reggae rhythms into the pulsating groove of Afrobeat via some Malian desert blues. The intrinsic understanding shared between these talented musicians allows for colourful and engaging improvisation. As a result, the music is free-flowing, uplifting, heart-warming and will leave you relishing every last drop.

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