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Kellie Knight and the Daze

Kellie Knight2

Kellie Knight and the Daze sound like a blend of your favourite retro soul vinyl mixed with future gangsta funk back beat and topped with flickerings of Jazz and hip hop flavoured lead, shaken together like a Sunday afternoon cool martini.

Kylie Auldist


Kylie Auldist has been singing for as long as she can remember and possesses an undeniable natural vocal talent: the kind of powerful yet nuanced soul voice that comes along only once in a while, and when you’ve heard it once you never quite forget it.



Kooii are a band pushing boundaries in contemporary Australian music. Their compelling fusion of afrobeat, reggae and world rhythms, have earned them a glowing reputation, both on record and on stage. Their music brings together soulful vocals, three-part harmony and a deeply- set rhythm section in an ageless and familiar sound that echoes through city and country.